4 Trends that will change the way we work by Nicole Fallon
4 Trends That Will Change the Way We Work
by Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Assistant Editor
June 18, 2014 10:49am ET

Big changes are coming to the American workplace in the near future. As many working professionals know, the way people communicate with each other and conduct their daily jobs has taken a dramatic turn in recent years. The introduction and development of mobile technologies, wireless Internet and cloud software gave birth to a workforce that can perform tasks from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Amid these rapid technological advances, many workers and business leaders wonder: Where will we go from here?

Information overload –> filter & selection mechanics

Internal networking –> supported by systems & real life, Open Leadership, remote leading, …

Location independence —> everytime, everywhere, – think gloabal act local, think big act small

Distributed workforce —> build the perfect work environment for this (no it’s not your mail system)

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